Our club enjoys social events like a National Homebrew Day celebration, summer picnics, a Christmas party, an Oktoberfest celebration, and small group brew sessions. To learn more about the craft of homebrewing, Carboy offers brewdays for small groups, discussions on equipment and techniques, and seminars led by experienced brewers or commercial brewmasters. Of course, we also enjoy the sharing of our beer with friends and comparing our beers to the hundreds of commercial examples available. Carboy was established in July, 1995 after working closely with TRUB homebrew club in Durham for six months.

We now have over 70 members who support our club and all activities. For a partial list of our most recent events, please check our calendar which gives up coming events and a list of traditional programs for the club. The club normally meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month. The location is currently on a rotaion so please check the forum or signup for the Yahoo group to find this month's location. If you have a question about the agenda for the current months meeting, please contact one of our officers.

 Membership dues are currently $10 per calendar year. For information on how to JOIN our brewing club, please fill out a Membership form or e-mail the Treasurer below. 

CARBOY Officers/Executive Committee

During the June meeting the membership elects new officers that will serve CARBOY for the upcoming year. Officer terms start July 1 and run for the next year.

President - Walt Sweeney (waltbop22@nc.rr.com)
Vice-President for Education - Brian sico (briansico@yahoo.com)
Vice-President for Social Activities - Bill Dubas (bill_dubas@hotmail.com)
Treasurer - Mike Dixon (mpdixon@ipass.net)
Communications Director - Kevin Thorngren (kevin.thorngren@gmail.com)

Send an e-mail to all of the Officers

For a complete description of each Officer's position, please refer to CARBOY By-Laws.