Shamrock Open XX – March 7th, 2015

The 20th annual Shamrock Open coming up!  Time to get your entries prepared, registration opens Monday January 26th. George is leading the charge again this year and has all well in hand.

While you’re here, scroll to the bottom of the page and scan through the terrific Sponsors that help make it all happen.

Sanctioned Competition Program (SCP) Registered

Shamrock’s fearless Competition Leaders (left click on their name to send an email)

Competition Organizer - George Forte
Judge Director -Clint Eaker/Gary Morgan
Cellarmaster – Brian Sico
Steward Director – Keith Eisel
Registrar - Steve Winter
Raffle Director - Todd Wenzel


Entries will be accepted in all beer categories listed for the BJCP Style Guidelines (Categories 1-23).
Entries for Meads and Ciders (Categories 24-28) will not be accepted.
View the BJCP Style Guidelines

The 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines will be in effect for this competition.

Important Dates

  • Registration begins January 26, 2015 … Shamrock Registration Site
  • Registration closes Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 5 PM Eastern Time.  All Entries are due at the close of registration.  No dropoffs the day of the competition.
  • Competition date is March 7, 2015

How to Enter

We require all entries to be completed Online, click HERE (same form is used for Beer, Judge, and Steward registration). All entries must be entered by Saturday February 21st in order to be eligible for judging.

  • Each entry will consist of two (2) bottles.
  • Each bottle with have a completed Shamrock Competition Bottle ID form attached with a rubber band.
  • Entries must be received/dropped off at one of the locations listed below by 5PM on Saturday February 21st.  No exceptions. Anything dropped off after 5PM on Saturday February 21st will not be eligible for judging. There will be no further pick-ups before the competition.
  • Registered entries will be accepted at the CARBOY meeting on February 25th.
  • There will be no out-of-town pickup this year. CBOY Homebrew clubs maybe be coordinating collection and delivery.
  • All entries must be shipped/received or dropped off at one of the approved locations, or brought to the CARBOY meeting Feb 25th.
  • No entries will be accepted on the day of the competition.
  • No-shows will not receive a refund.

Entries will be shipped to or dropped off at:

Primary Location:
Shamrock Open
c/o Atlantic Brew Supply
3709 Neil Street
Raleigh, NC 27607

Alternate Location:
Shamrock Open
c/o American Brewmaster
3021-5 Stoneybrook Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27604

Alternate Location:
Shamrock Open
c/o American Brewmaster
1008 Southwest Maynard Road
Cary, NC 27511


Bottle Labels

Entry fee

$7 for each entry. Maximum of 4 entries per entrant. Please pay via the PayPal link when you register.


Each bottle must be plain glass, brown or green, 10 to 16 ounces in volume, and crown capped. Bottles and caps must be free of anything which is sufficiently unique that it could identify a brewer to a judge. This may include raised lettering, labels, unique bottle shapes or the like. No swing-top bottles. Bottle caps should have any distinguishing marks completely blacked out. (Use of brown, long-neck, 12 oz. bottles is encouraged but not required.) Bottles not meeting these guidelines will be disqualified, and ineligible for award. (They may be judged at the discretion of the competition organizers.) NOTE: Reusable containers, including “Carbonator” type devices CAN NOT be returned.


Please register to Judge or Steward online HERE.

Judging will begin at 9 am on the competition date.
Every effort will be made to have all entries judged by qualified participants in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

  1. Apprentice judges are welcome and will be paired with experienced judges.
  2. Judges and stewards will be our guests for lunch.
  3. Judge and steward experience points will be reported to the BJCP.
  4. Judges and stewards are expected to arrive not later than 8:30 am.
  5. Some categories may be condensed with categories of similar style for determining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, at the organizers’ discretion.
  6. Conversely, categories in which a large number of entries are received in each of several sub-categories may be expanded to determine ribbon winners and Best of Show entries.
  7. Bagels, coffee and juice will be served for breakfast. Sandwiches, chips, salads, beer, and soft drinks will be available for lunch.


North Hills Club is off of Six Forks Rd exit from 440.  North on Six Forks from 440 (past North Hills Mall).  Turn left on Northbrook Dr then right on Yadkin Dr. Map to North Hills Club

4824 Yadkin Drive, Raleigh, NC (919) 787-3655


1st, 2nd & 3rd place beers in each category will receive a ribbon.

1st, 2nd & 3rd place Best of Show beers will receive a Best of Show ribbon.

Shamrock XIX Overview

To review the Shamrock Open XIX 2014 Results click here.

Please Patronize Our Sponsors

We would not be able to put on this competition without their support.

American BrewmasterAmerican Homebrewers AssociationThe Beer Dispensary of ApexrBeer StudyBetter BottlesBlichmann EngineeringBombshell Beer CompanyBottle RevolutionBrew Your OwnBull City Burger and BreweryBull City HomeBrewCymbaDeep River BrewingDouble Barley BrewingFarm Boy FarmsFlying Dog BreweryFortnight BrewingFullsteam BreweryGrogtagHobby Beverage EquipmentHomesteader's Brew SupplyHops DirectJet Carboy and Bottle WasherKickback Jack'sLogic IncMagic Hat  BrewingMicroMaticNew Belgium Brewing

Outback Brewing Supply Co


Reader's CornerRogue AlesSpirits CarySteel string Craft BreweryTasty Beverage CoTop of the HillTrinagle Wine CoVideri Chocolate FactoryWhite Labs


Carolina’s Brewer of the Year (CBOY)

This is the first competition in the series leading to the 2015 Carolina’s Brewer of the Year award. Contact the Shamrock organizers for more information or click here to view the CBoY rules.

Previous Results

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